Ranarim から最後の便り

少し前に Ranarimのメンバー ニクラスから聞いていたのですが、昨日myspaceで正式

個人的にも 一番思い入れの強いグループだったので、本当に無念の気持ちでいっぱいです。
もっと 日本で沢山の方に知ってもらう為に努力できたのでは、努力が足りなかった…
最近 Ranarim ばかり聴いていますが、歴史に残る音楽です。

Ranarim says thank you
Dear friends and fans, after much reflection, we have now come to the conclusion that it is time to end Ranarim. It is with great sadness and not an easy decision, but rather than being unable to pay the group the time and energy we want, we choose to end with flying colors.

As the situation is for us now, we feel that it is impossible to continue with Ranarim. Sofia stopped even before she had her second child and both Ulrika and Johanna are now also mother of two children, and on parental leave, in whole or in part for an additional period. With only one child, it has worked fine to tour around as before because the kids and dad can join. There have been many such fun trips the last few years. But with two children, the situation is quite different.

To continue in a low intensive way and not renew our repertoire, not have time to record a new album and just take the events that work with regard to families and children is not meaningful for any of us.

Ranarim has been such an important part in all our lives, both creative, friendly, and as a livelihood. Yes, a bit like a family, actually, because everybody's planning has largely been based on the group. But working in such a way as we did also take very much time, time that we now notice no longer exist. We separated as best friends and will all continue to work as folk musicians, both individually and together in various new forms.

Who knows, this is a short period of life and maybe there will be a Ranarim-reunion sometime in the future ..?

But until then we want to thank all of you who followed us on concerts, CDs and websites over the years. Without you, there was no Ranarim and without you we would not have had all these great memories and experiences.Thank you and thank you!

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